Improve Sleeping Problems with Neurofeedback

Exhausted woman sleeping in front of computer

Of all the symptoms that neurofeedback with NeurOptimal has been used to address, improvements in sleep typically are the first thing people begin to notice. And with regular sessions, it only tends to get better.

In our published study of NeurOptimal neurofeedback with cancer survivors—whose sleep was seriously impaired following treatment—their improvement in sleep quality was significant at the .001 level (this is the gold standard for research: the outcome that every researcher longs for!)  “Of note, the proportion of patients requiring sleep medications decreased from 39% to 17% from the beginning to the end of the study.”

How would your life change with results like that? How much better would the quality of your days be if you were getting a full night’s rest night after night?

Neurofeedback training with NeurOptimal is incredibly safe and easy to use. Though it’s tempting to use over-the-counter or prescription medications to improve sleep, people often find themselves increasing the dosage to maintain results, and may end up becoming dependent on the medication.  sleeping-problems

Compare this to NeurOptimal, where very few people report any significant side effects. Some who do report side effects mention sleepiness during and/or immediately after a session, or feeling so relaxed that they don’t think they ought to drive immediately. Which doesn’t sound all that bad for a restless sleeper, right?

At Cleveland Neurofeedback, we’ve seen lots of people report improvements in sleep, even though many of them hadn’t mentioned sleep as the primary reason they were coming in to see us.

That’s the wonderful thing about neurofeedback with NeurOptimal. By providing the brain with moment-to-moment feedback about what it’s doing, we enable the brain to reorganize itself to function more efficiently. Not only does improved sleep tend to result from this, but a number of other positive changes as well, including better focus, increased happiness, and a generally higher positive outlook on life.

You don’t need to have a lot of sessions before you may see improved sleep. Some people notice they sleep better after their first session. We can’t make any guarantees about that; your results depend entirely on what your brain decides to do with the feedback it’s receiving

If you’d like to give NeurOptimal a try—or just get more information—give us a call at 216.410.6335 or email us on our contact page. A member of our friendly staff will answer any questions you have and help you decide what might be best for you. There’s no pushy selling from us, just genuine empathy toward your situation. We do, after all, use the product that we preach about! 🙂

Not near one of our offices in Cleveland or Memphis? No worries! We also offer neurofeedback systems that you can either rent or purchase.