While many people love to come to one of our offices for neurofeedback, others—for reasons of cost or convenience—prefer to train their brains at home.

We have Zengar NeurOptimal systems (both Professional and Personal) that can be rented on a monthly basis for home training.

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Hear one client’s experience

FAQs about Renting NeurOptimal®

How difficult is it to run a session?

It’s as simple as…

1) Clipping five sensors to your ears and scalp
2) Turning on the computer
3) Opening the program and hitting Start!

In other words – you can do this!

What if something goes wrong or I can’t figure it out?

We’re only an email or phone call away! Any trouble you have, we’re more than happy to work through it. In fact, we’ll probably touch base with you anyway at some point. We love helping people and are eager to hear how your sessions are going!

And to give you some idea, we’ve created this tutorial video on how to do a perfect sensor hookup for your training.

How much does this cost?

We rent our equipment on a monthly basis, and you only have to make a one month commitment. You have two rental options…

Personal system – Best if you’re on a budget or only want to run occasional sessions

1. 0-4 sessions—$400 ($100/session if you use 4)

2. 5-8 sessions—$680 ($85/ session if you use 8)

3. 9-12 sessions—$840 ($70/session if you use 12)

If you choose option 3 and want still more sessions, each additional session is $60.

You are also responsible for shipping each way, including insurance, which most recently—Cleveland-California—was just over $150.

Professional system – Best if you want to run unlimited sessions

Choose a Professional system if you and the entire family are planning on using it, or you just want to do a session nearly every day.

Cost: $900

Again, you are also responsible for shipping each way, including insurance, which most recently—Cleveland-California—was just over $150.

How many sessions will I need?

Most people start to feel something is happening within their first six sessions, and even as early as one or two. Your results will vary depending on how your brain adapts and uses the information that NeurOptimal is giving it. You may find yourself experiencing significant and lasting changes within your first twelve sessions.

The more sessions you run, the more results you can expect to get.

Can I extend my contract time?

You may be able to extend your training at the end of the month, depending on availability. We can discuss this once you are nearing the end of your contract.

Client Results

Meet Joe A, who rented a system from us for a month.  He’s a young professional who didn’t have any of the symptoms (e.g. anxiety, depression) that often bring people to us.  He was interested in what we call Peak Performance—he just wanted to be as high functioning as he could possibly be, in his work life and also his personal life.

Joe kept us in the loop about his experience, and gave us permission to share his reflections, which begin about a week after he received the system, and continue through most of the month.

“I’ve noticed some changes in my focus and memory, especially at work.  There would normally be a lot of instances where I walk into a room and forget what I was supposed to do there, but I’m now able to recall during these situations very well.  My sleep is also drastically improved.  I’ve been using the NeurOptimal every morning so far and at night I’m able to almost fall asleep as if it was on command.

My girlfriend has done it about 4-5 times now.  I’m not exactly sure of the changes she’s experienced, but she has commented that she’s more relaxed.

I notice that I’m able to handle a lot more work without getting the same level of stress.  It feels like it’s easy to maintain a high level of focus all day without getting tired or distracted.  Really excited about the coming weeks and looking forward to the results.

I just finished my 23rd session this morning. I am really enjoying the sessions, and my sleep and focus have been nothing short of amazing.  This has been a big improvement for me, and I still have more sessions to go so I’m pretty excited.”

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