Neurofeedback Demonstration

Our colleague, Dr. Alan Bachers, explains and demonstrates neurofeedback at a Quantified Self meeting in Boston. We think this is an especially good introduction.

Back from the Brink of TBI

While riding his motorcycle, 20 year old Brian Drake collided head-on with a car. His mother, a therapist and NeurOptimal trainer with a PhD in nursing, arranged for him to receive neurofeedback, even in the weeks before he regained consciousness. This video traces his remarkable recovery from a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI).

NeurOptimal Hookup Instructions

Detailed instructions on how to properly insert the sensors for a Zengar NeurOptimal neurofeedback session.

NeurOptimal Explanation

In this ten-minute video, Priscilla Friesen of the Bowen Center in Washington, DC gives an excellent, clear explanation of Zengar NeurOptimal neurofeedback.

NeurOptimal Screenshot

A 20-second screenshot of the NeurOptimal Trainer’s screen, showing activity during a neurofeedback session.

Neurofeedback: A Drugless Solution for ADD

Rae Tattenbaum, LCSW and psychotherapist, is devoted to helping people reach their full potential through Neurofeedback training. This film tells the story of Jack, a client of Rae’s with attention issues, who has learned through Neurofeedback how to be more focused, both in and out of school.

Operation Giving Back Veterans Testimonials

Testimonials of 2 veterans, returning from war, describing how 20 sessions of NeurOptimal neurofeedback helped them to release stress, anxiety and combat related traumas and improved their quality of life, sleep, self-confidence, focus, memory, performance and happiness.

PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Video from the Naval Center Combat and Operational Stress Control Conference (NCCOSC) held in April 2011 in San Diego, CA. Part of a presentation by psychologists at Camp Pendleton on the positive effects of neurofeedback on active duty military members.

Spiders in the Brain: Neurofeedback for Anxiety

A young boy with attention and anxiety issues writes a poem for a school assignment that reveals his feelings

Life, Interrupted

A couple, facing the challenges of his very difficult treatment for throat cancer, discuss how neurofeedback has helped them manage and thrive.

And just for fun…

Neurofeedback is Relaxation training for Pets. Willie is a 6 year old dog, who was rescued from a puppy mill. Prior to neurofeedback Willie would not groom himself or play and he would hide behind the couch. Max is a 12 year old cat adopted from the SPCA. Max did not groom himself or play. He would hide and avoided everyone. Today after neurofeedback training both Willie and Max are happy and content. Both grooming themselves, playing and communicating with humans.

NeurOptimal in the News and the Blogosphere

NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback and “Chemo Brain” by Catherine Boyer, MA, LCSW

Researchers turn to neurofeedback to clear the fog of chemo brain by Angela Townsend, The Plain Dealer

Getting back out there by Elliot Ferguson

Treatment should be more available by Elliot Ferguson

The Reroute Home: Neurofeedback Helps Vets Find Their Way by Taylor Sisk

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