Buy NeurOptimal

Are you considering buying NeurOptimal? Everyone who buys a system makes their purchase through the NeurOptimal website or customer service. But in our experience, the best thing you can do to ensure that you will be up and running quickly and with complete confidence is to begin by talking with an experienced trainer. One who enjoys sharing their expertise, and who will be your coach as you get started.

There is no additional cost to you to purchase this way, and it gives you ready access—before and after purchasing—to someone who will know you personally and understand the way you intend to use the system. At Cleveland Neurofeedback, this is one of the aspects of our work that we enjoy most.

Why Buy Through Us?

Buying a system with us gives you ALL the benefits of ordering directly from The same…

  • Excellent customer support
  • Warranty
  • Return policy
  • Price
  • Payment options

…everything! But in addition to all of that, you get in-person support and coaching from a member of our team. If you’re around our Cleveland or Memphis locations, you’ll certainly want to come and spend a day or part of a day with us.  We’ll teach you to attach the sensors and get a good hook up, and show you how to operate the software. If you’re at a distance, we can do this by Skype or phone.

Either way, we’re happy to be in close contact with you, lending a  guiding hand throughout the entire process, making sure you feel completely comfortable with your new equipment. We LOVE to help.  We know how much of an impact NeurOptimal can have on people’s lives, and want to ensure that you have the best experience possible, whether you plan to become a professional NeurOptimal trainer or simply use the equipment for yourself or your family.

Two Purchasing Options to Choose From

NeurOptimal offers both Personal and Professional systems. How do they compare? See below…

Professional System:

Price: $10995

Sessions: Unlimited

Included: Everything you need to run a session, including pre and post baseline reports, and visual displays that enable you (and/or your client) to watch the brain in action.

Full Professional system details at (opens new window)

The professional system makes the most sense if you want to run many sessions. This is particularly true if you plan to develop a practice as a neurofeedback provider, but it is also generally the best choice for an individual or family expecting to do neurofeedback on an ongoing basis.  NeurOptimal is easy to run, and requires no prior knowledge or experience to get maximum benefit from the equipment.

See a tour of the Professional system below:

Personal System:

Price: $6995

Sessions: 100 (with the ability to purchase more sessions later)

Included: Everything needed to run a session. Fewer monitoring features than the Professional system.

Full Personal system details at (opens new window)

The personal system is ideal if you simply want very convenient, easy-to-use equipment that will enable you to hook up, press “Go,” and see the same results you would see with the Professional system.  The software is the same, but the user interface is much simpler—appropriate for home use, but not for someone opening a neurofeedback practice or adding neurofeedback to an existing counseling or wellness practice.

Ordering a NeurOptimal System

In our experience, a person considering this big purchase generally goes through a number of steps:

  • Several phone conversations with us (you probably have lots of questions—this is an opportunity to get answers)
  • A visit with us to get familiar with the using the equipment (or if you’re at a distance, we can do this by phone or Skype)
  • Purchase the equipment through the NeurOptimal website or a call with Customer Service
  • Additional phone conversations, as needed, to answer your new questions as you begin to use the equipment.

Once you’ve decided to purchase, simply order a Personal or Professional system at Zengar. Once you get it in the mail, tell us and we’ll schedule an appointment in our office or through Skype.

Still Have Questions?

No problem! We understand this is a significant investment, and you want to be sure that you’re making the right decision. We’re here to help. Just contact us by email, or give us a call at (216) 505-0737.