Overcoming Phobias

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Do you suffer from debilitating fear or phobias?  From the very first days of NeurOptimal neurofeedback, clients who lived with paralyzing fears have reported either a huge decrease in the severity of their fear, or—perhaps more commonly—that the fear is simply no longer there.

What is so attractive about using neurofeedback for phobias is that you do not need to “confront” the object of your fear:

  • no need to put your hand in a jar of spiders to address your arachnophobia,
  • no need to sit outside in a thunderstorm to overcome your fear of thunder and lightning

bigstock--134490956Your phobia is simply an inefficient, counter-productive brain pattern, and that’s wonderful news, because NeurOptimal specializes in helping your brain recognize and move away from exactly that kind of pattern.

Though we have not focused on this, one of our clients—who had come to us for other issues—recently reported a striking change in her long-time phobia related to flying.

Katie, in her 40s, was doing neurofeedback training in the hope that she would be able to deal better with a highly stressful job.  As we chatted with her before and after her sessions, she mentioned that she was looking forward to a week-long Mexican vacation—her first vacation in many years—that she hoped would leave her relaxed and able to cope better with her job.

At her last session before vacation, she suddenly said, “Oh, here’s an interesting thing.  I’ve had such an airplane phobia for years that a trip like this would absolutely ruin my life for a month or more beforehand.  But here it is Wednesday; I’m getting on the plane on Friday, and I haven’t had even a twinge of anxiety or fear.

If you suffer from a phobia—or more than one—we hope you’ll give us a call at 216-410-6335 and come in for a series of neurofeedback sessions.  You may not be like Katie, seemingly phobia-free in four sessions, but we hope you will find similar relief—and add to our understanding of the benefits NeurOptimal can offer to people like you and Katie.