Lorenz Attractors

The image in our logo are called Lorenz attractors. We are drawn to these images because they portray typical patterns of chaotic systems in which there is order to be found in unpredictable events. Lorenz attractors provide a metaphor for the way NeurOptimal neurofeedback interacts with the brain. In the brain, we cannot predict or direct the specific activity of individual neurons, but we know that there is order in their patterns. As we can see in the Lorenz attractors, the brain’s activity can move from a repeating loop of inefficiency—which may be characterized by symptoms such as poor sleep patterns, anxiety, fatigue, cognitive dysfunction, headaches, etc.—to a more efficient pattern, in which these symptoms are diminished or completely released.

In our logo, it suggests to us the moment when the brain begins to break free from the impaired pattern that has captured it since chemotherapy, brain injury, PTSD….

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