Neurofeedback to Improve Focus

Never in history have there been more opportunities for distractions. There are so many choices, so many options, it’s amazing we ever get anything done!

You hear productivity tips and tricks everywhere. A simple Google search for “productivity tips” brings 88 million results. How many tips have you tried that never worked out? You’re not alone if you said “a lot.”

Focus with NeurofeedbackOne of the favorite approaches in the US is stimulant medications, both for children and for adults. Prescriptions for ADHD more than doubled between 2007 and 2012, causing the head of the CDC to warn that although these drugs are extremely helpful for those who actually have ADHD, the potential for abuse is great.

Brand new nootropics (i.e. “smart drugs”) come onto the scene all the time. These drugs share the potential for long-term health risks, as well as often severe unwanted side-effects. They also, like stimulants, lose their effectiveness soon after you stop taking them.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were something you could do that would significantly help your focus, have few to no side effects, be healthy to use, and actually work for a lifetime?

While neurofeedback with NeurOptimal hasn’t had significant research to boast such claims, lots of people have reported significant improvement in their focus.

Your Brain 101

Your mind is a constant chatter-box of thoughts. You don’t need us to tell you that. Throughout the day, your brain is cooking up ideas that are often completely unrelated to the task at hand. These thoughts are often destructive.  For example, if you had a fight with your spouse or significant other, that conversation can linger in the back (maybe the front!) of your mind for hours.

Here’s a way of thinking about this:

We all have have an inner threshold, and as soon as a life event pushes us past that we get stressed. Some people have a higher threshold than others.

What’s important to understand is that this threshold isn’t set in stone. You can change and improve it so that the inevitable daily life events don’t rattle you like they once did. Recent research in meditation  is showing the brain isn’t as incapable of change as neuroscientists thought—even as recently as just 20 years ago—and now we know that you can play an active role in its plasticity.

Woman doing meditation near the ocean beach. Yoga silhouette.

NeurOptimal, in a way, is like meditation on steroids. With meditation, you focus on one thing and constantly bring yourself back to the present. Neurofeedback with NeurOptimal helps you focus on no thoughts, and do it automatically.

During a session, NeurOptimal records your brain’s electrical activity and alerts your brain (through skipping in the audio) when it could shift what it’s doing. This instant feedback enables the brain to access patterns (a pattern of focus, for example) that have been very challenging to find in the past.

Repeated practice through a series of sessions helps your brain settle in to this better optimized state—you’ll quickly notice more focus, more calm, more relaxation.

How Much Can NeurOptimal Help With Focus?

The best way to judge of how well NeurOptimal works is by asking the people who use it.

Here’s a testimonial from one of our clients on his experience using neurofeedback to improve his focus problems:

In college, I used to pop Adderall like it was candy. I knew it wasn’t good for me. I’d experience dry mouth, appetitite-suppression, and my heart would beat out of my chest, but yet I still did it because it sure helped me focus!

After I graduated, I made the commitment to never take it again. But that didn’t stop me from trying other things. I tried several over-the-counter nootropics that claimed to help focus. My experience was that some didn’t work at all, and the ones that did didn’t work anywhere close to what I’d felt using Adderall.

I’d been looking for the “holy grail” of something that would help me stay focused, but also do it in a healthy way. I had lots of iterative fixes that helped. Fixing my diet, exercising, and blocking distracting websites, but I still felt I had too many days where I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to.

And then I tried NeurOptimal.

The results were NOT instant. I did notice improvements in other areas within my first few sessions. But as for focus, I only had subtle changes in the first 10 or so sessions. However, as I ran more and more sessions, my focus and attention kept getting better and better. By the time I reached 20-25 sessions, I was having my most productive days ever!!! And it was happening consistently, day-in and day-out.

Perhaps the best thing was it felt so healthy and natural. I was calm and focused. I didn’t have any real negative side effects. And I slept just fine at night.

NeurOptimal surpassed all of my expectations. I had hesitancy using it because of the cost, but I finally made the commitment to try it and have been so thrilled with the results.

If you have the money to try it, I can’t recommend it enough. It’s been an absolute life-changer!

Discover It For Yourself

You’ll never know how your brain adapts to the information it receives with neurofeedback until you try it for yourself!

Many of our clients report significant improvements in their focus and concentration, even if that wasn’t the initial reason they came in to see us.

That’s the interesting thing about NeurOptimal. It doesn’t “push” your brain to do anything in particular. Some systems will look at the brains of focused people and push yours into those same states. This may work, but there’s a much higher potential for unwanted side effects.

NeurOptimal’s completely different approach simply provides the information to the brain and allows it to decide what it wants to do with iticon-openwindow-red. Your brain is very adaptive, so once it receives feedback on what it’s doing, it tends to optimize itself automatically because it wants to use its resources as efficiently as possible.

And using neurofeedback with NeurOptimal, it finally can!

Give us a call at 216.410.6335 or email us on our contact page to schedule an appointment or find out more about how NeurOptimal can help your focus.

We love helping folks. If you decide this isn’t right for you, there’s no pushy salesmanship from us. We kindly accept and understand whatever it is you decide to do.

Take the first step and reach out to us to find out more. Soon you may discover that you have better focus and attention than you ever dreamed possible!