Children with ADHD

Often parents say to us, “I’d love to try this for my child, who has ADHD. But there’s no way they will sit still in a chair for half an hour!”

No problem.

We love to work with parents and kids to figure out what will make the time in our office pass quickly and feel like fun. Some of our colleagues use movies, and we can do that if necessary. But our feeling is that kids already spend a lot of time looking at screens (with the particular kind of focus that goes along with that), and if there’s another way to keep them happy during a session, let’s try it first.

We can set up sessions so your child is in the chair, or sitting at a table. Coloring, drawing, reading, doing a puzzle or a craft, organizing a collection of Pokémon or baseball cards,….

Meet some of our kids…

Dominic is an origami ninja, and is teaching us his favorites.

neurofeedback-kid neurofeedback-kids

Martin likes to read—sometimes in the chair; sometimes at the table.


Sophie is nearly a teenager, so though she starts out reading or doing a craft, she usually ends up sleeping.



Neurofeedback is a great option for helping children with ADHD. It can also help kids with anxiety, or RAD from childhood trauma, or misophonia (extreme sensitivity to sounds), or trichotillomania (eyelash pulling), or one of the many other issues that make children’s lives difficult.

If you’re interested in learning more about how neurofeedback can help your child, give us a call at 216.410.6335 or email us on our contact page. We have an especially soft spot for kids, so we look forward to hearing from you!

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